The last swan song to the atmospheric V8s of Maranello is this Ferrari 458 Italia, the successor to the F430 that arrived not only to improve its performance, but also to make us enjoy driving it faster and we can go more safely. Ferrari did it again with this “V8 barchetta”, once again creating a supercar with a spectacular line and amazing figures without losing sight of its history.

Heart by name

The name of this horse is due to its heart, a 4.5-liter 8-cylinder V engine that is finished off with the name of the country where it is manufactured and thus pays tribute to one of the best cradles of European motorsport, Italy.

From this work of art of engineering Ferrari extracts a power of 570 hp and a torque of 540 Nm, of which 80% is already available from 3.250 rpm, so it is an engine that stretches very well from below, although of course, we will exploit its attributes closer to the red line of the rev counter, where it will also emit a unique melody. And all this with a specific power of 127 hp per liter.

The benefits of the 458 Italia? Worthy of the house: 3,4 seconds to 0-100 km / h and a top speed of 325 km / h. This is not achieved with brute force alone. The Italian team mounts a gearbox that was born for Formula 1 and is applied to its street sports cars. With a seven-speed dual-clutch design, the response time on the 458 Italia is better in gear than its predecessor by a wide margin, a blink and we have the next gear.

Formula 1 technology

Inside this gearbox Ferrari installs the electronic differential called E-Diff 3, with new software that manages the ECU and the F1-Trac system, the brain of the mid-engined supercar for all its electronics.

This F1-Trac system analyzes the parameters and estimates that come from its sensors to improve the distribution of braking between the rear wheels and make cornering faster. The effectiveness of the system was proven when the 458 Italia reduced the time by 1,25 seconds compared to previous models on the Fiorano brand test track. 

To stop its Italian power, the standard Brembo brake system has ceramic discs, 398 mm at the front and 360 mm at the rear, with a stopping power that allows the Ferrari 458 Italia to stop from 100 to 0 in just 32,5 meters and from 200 to 0 in 128 meters. Here too there is an electronic system in favor of the driver, the Ferrari Pre-Fill Logic, which keeps the sports car constantly on guard to brake as soon as we take our foot off the accelerator, optimizing the ABS in conjunction with the electronic differential. 

As usual, the design is evocative while respecting the laws of aerodynamics, with very wide and high rear wheel arches, leaving room for the air intakes to cool its powerful engine. 

On board the 458 Italia has a less risky configuration and design, but with all the controls enveloping the driver. The driving interface is new, and the main controls are on the steering wheel, with secondary functions in the instrumentation. 

The design is of competition, not only for its seats or its steering wheel, but also for its air conditioning vents, with a shape that is inspired by the intake intakes of the F1 of years ago. The so-called "F1 Panel" occupies the center console, where we find the gear knobs and the Launch Control button. Leather and Alcantara can be the two main protagonists, with aluminum used for decorative moldings and door handles.

technical data and specifications

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