In the Maranello saga, cabrios have traditionally always been great protagonists, cars with which to enjoy even more their qualities, their sound, and their masterfully sporty driving. With the arrival of the Ferrari 488 it was not going to be less and the Italians gave us a convertible version, a 488 Spider that repeats the retractable hardtop design of the previous 458 Spider. So we have a more comfortable supercar when we go with the roof up.

Convertible and sports car can go hand in hand

So that this version does not affect sporty driving, Ferrari has reinforced the structure of the 488 Spider creating up to eleven different aluminum alloys, it has used magnesium and thus we have a Ferrari 488 Spider with a torsional stiffness 23% improved compared to its predecessor. . And thanks to the use of these noble materials, Ferrari has achieved that its Spider version only weighs 50 kg more than the 488 coupe.

Its retractable rigid roof is made up of two superimposed pieces that we can automatically fold in just 14 seconds and that is stored above the engine compartment. 

Competition performance

The performance of the Ferrari 488 Spider is just as impressive as its coupe version. It has the 8-liter turbocharged V3.9 engine that produces 670 hp and 760 Nm of torque that reaches only 3.000 rpm, the latter thanks to a turbo system with which Ferrari reduces the delay of actuation when stepping on the accelerator. The 0 to 100 km / h signs it in 3.0 seconds, 8.7 seconds for the 0 to 200 km / h and its maximum speed is 325 km / h. 

But not only must it be fast, you also have to enjoy these features in total comfort, and Ferrari has worked to make it so in the 488 Spider. The turbulence that can reach the cabin when driving with the roof down has been reduced and thus be able to enjoy your driving experience even more.

There is a small rear window that we can adjust in three different positions or open completely when we have the roof on so that the melody of the V8 floods the cabin.

biturbo but with a touch of atmospheric

This is a very special machine to drive, a Ferrari 488 Spider that will surprise us with its drive thanks to its turbo engine, but which has been tuned so that there is not a characteristic kick of these engines, but to be just as forceful in everything RPM even up, in glorious 8.000 laps. 

It also incorporates the novelties that the 488 GTB debuted, such as the Side Slip Control System or SSC2, a trick of the engineers so that we can get out of the curves by accelerating with greater precision and we can gain speed more easily. 

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