In Maranello, the surname California has been present in the brand since the 50s, a name that has always meant one thing: open-air driving pleasure. With the Ferrari California T that tradition is fulfilled from start to finish thanks to its V8 engine, now turbocharged, its technology and in addition, you can also have the pleasure of admiring its elegant and captivating lines. Designed for the track, sculpted for the streets, enjoyable on any one of them, the California T is a surefire passion behind the wheel.

Elegance and sportiness

The first thing that stands out is the design, as it is the work of collaboration with Pininfarina by the Ferrari design center. What has been sought in the California T is a balance between elegance and sportiness, captivating sophistication you could say. All this in a body with the space and comfort that a Grand Tourer like this should offer. The most marked lines of the model have been inspired by the brand in the Ferrari 250 California. 

In this way, its classic proportions are repeated, resulting in a long front hood to house its engine, together with a more muscular and compact rear that follows the cabin. Of course, aerodynamics play a key role in its lines and its air intakes or elements that redirect the air flow. 

At the front of the California T dominates a wide grille, wedge-shaped LED headlights and large air intakes for the new intercoolers to cool its turbo engine. In contrast, the rear has sportier, more provocative features, with a spoiler integrated into the boot lid, to achieve more downforce without breaking its elegant line.

4-seater convertible with luxury interior

But without a doubt the best thing is to remove the roof to make it go from sophisticated coupe to captivating convertible. With the Ferrari California T this action is done quickly thanks to the retractable hardtop with aluminum panels. We press a button and 14 seconds later we can enjoy your driving under the open sky. 

The interior of the Ferrari California T is another example of the craftsmanship that the Italian firm puts into its sports cars. As it is a car with which to travel comfortably, its ergonomics and the quality of its details have been taken care of. There is no lack of semi-aniline leather or polished aluminum. The dashboard and transmission tunnel are well divided, and the multi-function steering wheel provides quick access to essential functions. From this Ferrari model we note that there is more storage space for our everyday objects. Of course we must not forget that we have two extra seats for two more companions with whom to enjoy a good ride without a hood. 

Thoroughbred engine and performance

Moving on to the mechanical section, the California T owes its name to its new engine. The turbocharged era first came to the Gran Turismo convertible with a V8 that reduces displacement but at the same time improves passing performance that reduces fuel consumption. 

The new V8 turbo is 3.9 liters with direct injection, and yields 560 hp and 755 Nm of torque, being able to rotate up to 7.500 revolutions per minute. To get an idea of ​​the performance, it offers 145 hp per liter. 

Its transmission has also been improved to follow the engine's performance optimally. This is dual-clutch and allows the California T to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3,6 seconds, and up to 200 km / h in just 11,2 seconds. 

technical data and specifications

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