Derived from Hummer H1, a military car with license plates, the Hummer H2 is his brother "civilized", a unique model where there are in concept and aesthetics. Few, it is said, can stop a Hummer, and is that the American model has offroad capabilities and enormous potential, a real beast on the asphalt as has never been seen.

a military street vehicle

Arnold Schwarzenegger asked that they create a Hummer street soldier for him and then this H2 was born. It is the luxury version of the model used by the US military, and with its three tons of weight, its five meters in length and two in width, there is nothing like it in the market. Nicknamed Sport Utility Truck, General Motors gave us a four-wheel wonder, a car with agility and performance out of the ordinary for its size. 

Of course the Hummer H2 equips a 6.0-liter Vortec engine that produced 316 hp in its first version, evolving to 6.2 liters and 398 in the next, with 564 Nm of torque. Figures that made the American model could go from 0 to 100 in less than 10 seconds despite its size.

Unmatched off-road capability

Of course the H2 has all-wheel drive, an advanced system so that both axles have optimal power at all times. Hummer It was equipped with differential locks and an automatic gearbox with reducer, elements that made the H2 unbeatable on offroad terrain. This transmission also has a program with which current on the control of traction and the ABS to allow the rear axle to dominate the dynamics of the car and to be able to overcome slippery surfaces. 

It could have rigid spring suspension or an optional pneumatic system with which the ground clearance was increased by 12 mm. In total, the H2 could circulate up to 267 mm from the ground. The American super-off-road vehicle also has a wading capacity of 50 cm deep, and is perfect for driving on any terrain at the speed you want. We are talking about a comfortable and stable vehicle both on and off the asphalt.

Unique and strong aesthetic

Without a doubt, his appearance is the most impressive. A tall car with sharp angles, very square, of the old American school. An image commensurate with its potential and its authority on the road. 

That brute force that emanates from its exterior is a clear example of how it has influenced its interior. At least in terms of design, simple but robust, although in contrast, it is loaded with all kinds of accessories and luxuries. Take electric seats this Hummer H2, with memory for the driver, leather in the upholstery, climate control in the front seats, Bose audio system with nine speakers or deplhi navigation. Five very comfortable and spacious seats to live on board the authentic experience of the American car.

technical data and specifications

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