Never before in Maranello has an “access model” been so powerful and enjoyable at the same time. The Ferrari Portofino comes to the range of the Italian firm as a Gran Turismo with a front V8 engine called to offer the best of the segment with all the passion that Ferrari puts in its models, a perfect union of sportiness, comfort and elegance in its lines, an all in one.

Its name this time is due to the beautiful coastal town of Portofino, a tourist site where you can breathe an atmosphere of elegance, exclusivity with discretion and above all it evokes the beauty of the country, like the silhouette of the new Ferrari. Even the new color on the hardtop model pays tribute to this coastal town.

Biturbo and instant

The “cuore” of the new Portofino is a 8-liter twin-turbo V3.9 with two turbos, a block derived from its predecessor, the California T, which has been awarded the Engine of the Year award for several years. The improvements introduced include new pistons and connecting rods, a redesigned intake system and a custom exhaust system with a one-piece manifold, to further reduce the response of the turbos. In total, it produces 600 hp reaching 7.500 rpm and a torque of 760 Nm, 40 hp more than the model it replaces. Do not be fooled by the access Ferrari, its performance is just as incredible, with a 0 to 100 km / h in 3,5 seconds and 320 km / h top speed. And this is thanks to the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that sends its power to the rear axle.

The best Maranello technology is in this Ferrari Portofino, and proof of this is the Variable Boost Management system, with which the car is able to adjust the most optimal torque according to the chosen gear, which guarantees that the Portofino will accelerate with total precision. whatever the speed and thus improving the linearity of your motor.

Electronics at the service of enjoyment

The Ferrari Portofino also includes new electronic systems to adjust its driving dynamics and make the most of the Italian hardtop convertible. Its electronic rear differential is the third generation E-Diff3, which is integrated into the F1-Trac, and allows us to better control the car when we approach the limit of this. The steering is Electric Power Steering, and it debuted with the Portofino in a Gran Turismo type Ferrari, being 7% more direct than before. 

To enjoy the best comfort and precision at the same time, Ferrari mounts a magneto-rhoic suspension system with “dual-coil” technology to mitigate the swaying, but that small bumps do not disturb our comfort on board, to be able to enjoy both in a section of curves as crossing the city calmly. The rigid roof of the Ferrari Portofino can be folded in just 14 seconds and at a speed of up to 45 km / h.

Ferrari Design and the Aerodynamics department have worked closely to create not only a beautifully shaped sports car, but one that is efficient against the wind. The nose grille extends wide, escorted by the two air intakes and the horizontally designed full-LED headlights. Its silhouette stands out for a drop from the ceiling that gives it a “fast-back” type configuration in two volumes. In its rear, the design had to be taken care of without neglecting its characteristic of a convertible with a retractable rigid roof, and its headlights are located far at the ends to make room for the folding device. 

Comfort on board, up to 4 people

Let's move on to the interior, where Ferrari has created a driving position true to its style, exuding sportiness, elegance and more comfortable than ever. The cockpit of the Ferrari Portofino has a new 10,2-inch screen for the infotainment system, a new air conditioning system designed to guarantee a comfortable temperature whether the roof is folded or put down, a new steering wheel or seats with electric adjustment of 18 settings. These sports seats also have a new design of their backrest so that the two extra seats of the Portofino allow to accommodate two passengers with more space. The co-pilot may also have his own screen to view certain information from the multimedia system. The newly designed air deflector allows the Portofino to be driven without a roof with 30% less airflow inside, so that we can enjoy its driving qualities even more. 

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